Jane Fonda

Fact about the Climate Change views of Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Climate Change Activist

12 Apr 2021


In an interview with Oceana, talking about her book on climate action

Great question. Well, it’s getting harder to not notice the effects of climate change: the catastrophic fires in the West, rising seas, tens of millions of climate refugees, more frequent and severe hurricanes, prolonged drought, flooding, hotter summer weather. There are those who, despite all this, refuse to believe what scientists are saying. I’m not sure we should waste our time with them. It’s like the people who still say COVID is a political hoax. But for the others – get them to listen to or read what climate science is saying. The scientists are unanimous in saying it’s very dire and time is running out. If we miss the nine-year mark (2030), at which time they say we must have cut our carbon emissions in half, it will be pretty much out of our hands, although every half degree of warming we can prevent will save millions of lives and species.
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