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The Religion and Political Views of Jared Padalecki



Padalecki might have a Catholic background, but appears to be largely non-religious.

Political Views

He supports Obama, and so is a default liberal, but outside of that he doesn't say much.


Jared Padalecki was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

Padalecki's Polish heritage[1] would suggest a Catholic background. And indeed, that's what his MySpace page tells us[2] and what the rumor mill expects to be true.[3]

It doesn't appear that he is particularly religious however. He doesn't talk about it all that much and he doesn't wear a cross around or anything else so conspicuous. He doesn't send out prayers in the event of national tragedies either.[4]

And then in one interview, while discussing the religious elements in his TV show, Supernatural, he said he wouldn't have felt comfortable if the show had a preachy message, telling people what to think about religion. He said he's glad the show turned away from deeply religious themes. He said,

We're not denying [religion is] there, but it's like we were devoutly, fundamentally religious for a season or two, and now it's more like we're a normal person, that acknowledges religion, knows that it's there and what purpose it serves.[5]

So, assuming he considers himself a normal person, and fully admitting the following statement is mostly conjecture, I suppose we can guess that maybe he's kind of Catholic, but mostly non-religious.

Adorable Republicans and Well-Done Democrats

Padalecki doesn't talk about politics all that much, but he still seems to be interested. And he's liberal. (And also, the Hollowverse writers thank Twitter for giving us more access to celebrities' personal lives than seems natural.)

During the presidential debates in 2012, Padalecki retweeted a little slap on Republican contender Mitt Romney's wrist. He (re)tweeted,

Romney continues adorable streak, insisting "government does not create jobs," then insisting HIS government will create jobs. #wtf #debate[6]

And then on election night that same year he tweeted,

Attaboy. Well done. #fourmoreyears[7]

No word yet on his views about gay marriage, immigration, gun control, or any of the other hot button political topic du jour. But we can be at least fairly confident that he's into the liberal scene after his Romney bashing and Obama endorsement.

That's all we have on Padalecki so far, but it's admittedly less than well-rounded. If you have any other information for us, please let us know in the comments!

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