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The Religion and Political Views of Jay Leno



Jay doesn't have much to say about religion, but with a Scottish mother and an Italian father, we can assume Leno is either Catholic or Protestant.

Political Views

Leno is a Democrat, a left-of-center liberal. He's definitely not conservative.


Leno would rather make fun of religions than talk about his own. He's been criticized[1] , and even sued[2], for poking fun at religions and their people. Almost nothing or no one escapes the wise-cracks of Jay Leno.

He grew up in a town near Boston, Massachusetts with a Scottish immigrant mother and the son of two Italian immigrants for a father.

By all accounts, comedy is Leno's religion.

No one is safe

The same goes for politicians. He'll bash George Bush in one joke, then Bill Clinton in the next. This comes from Leno's philosophy that he's a comedian, not a commentator or critic. He once said:

If God had wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.[3]

He has expressed that he is, at least, not conservative. In fact, Leno did some work for labor unions in Boston, indicating that he would side more with Democrats than Republicans.[4]

On one show, when Leno was interviewing 2012 presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, Leno commented that the Republican party had gone way too far with social issues like birth control and abortion, gay marriages, and immigrations.

Leno said, for people like himself who didn't care about social issues, a Republican Party without the social focus might interest more Americans, saying:

When I was a kid, Republicans were about defense and fiscal responsibility. Now it's about, 'A condom? Oh, my God, get that out of here.' I mean, when did it become the party of all these social issues?[5]

But whether or not Leno himself really cares, that's up for debate. Leno once talked about his mother's political views, saying:

My mother came from the school of, "Well, they [politicians] must know things that we don't.[6]

And Leno has been accused of having similar views.

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