Jeff Hardy

The Religion and Political Views of Jeff Hardy



Jeff Hardy appears to be a Christian, but also said his mother is his God.

Political Views

He might be liberal, but hasn't said much about his political beliefs yet.


Jeff Hardy was born and raised in Cameron, North Carolina.

Hardy is a Christian, or so says his MySpace account.[1] It seems likely considering he wears a cross around his neck.[2] Likewise, one of his trademark symbols is a cross-shaped icon that he wears and sells as a pendant, on t-shirts and hats, and even in silly-band form.[3]

God, also known as my mother

Regardless of how devoted a Christian he is, Hardy feels some connection to the otherworldly. When he was nine-years-old his mother died of brain cancer, and she is a big part–if not the essence–of his spirituality today.

I'm so close to [my mother] spiritually. . . . Any match, I'll say a little prayer, and I'll always ask her to continue to be with me, and I always thank her for giving me the power to do what I do. Because in my eyes she is my God.[4]

That doesn't sound particularly Christian, but you never know. The only thing we can know for sure about Hardy is that he thinks there's something out there, whether it's his mom or that guy who died on the cross a few thousand years ago, or maybe both.

Forget the politics; support our troops

Hardy isn't too clear on his political beliefs either. There's a lot of speculation that he is a Republican,[5] but there's not a whole lot to back it up. He hasn't come out in favor of any political party, candidate, or really any issues. He is a fan of Bill Maher's TV show Real Time, however, and has tweeted about it on at least two occasions.[6] Not only does that point liberal, but it also implies he's got some opinions that he hasn't shared with the rest of us yet.

He hasn't said anything for or against the war in Iraq, but he definitely supports the soldiers. In 2006 he traveled to Iraq with a handful of World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers on a morale-boosting mission.

We want them to know we are just like them and appreciate what they do over here. We're all a part of the same team and we love what they do for us and our country.[7]

He might have some opinions on the drug war, considering he pleaded guilty in 2011 to drug possession and trafficking and spent ten days in jail,[8] but no word on that yet. I suppose we'll have to go with possibly liberal until we hear otherwise.

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