Jenna Haze

The Religion and Political Views of Jenna Haze



Haze has Christian roots, but calls herself "spiritual," not religious.

Political Views

Haze is totally non-political.


Jenna Haze, whose real name is Jennifer Corrales, was born in Fullerton, California and grew up in La Habra, California.

Haze is a mainstay in an industry that's not known for its devoutly religious. But Haze has revealed Christian roots. She said:

I'm spiritual but I'm not religious. I went to church when I was younger with my dad's side of the family. Not my mom's side. My mom's Catholic and my dad's Christian. So they told me I could choose when I turned twelve. And it was too much to choose, so I didn't choose. I don't believe that you have to belong to any organized religion to have beliefs in a higher power.[1]

So, it's the old "spiritual but not religious" ploy, eh? Heard it a million times. While Haze is certainly not an atheist, we'll still probably file her under "non-religious."

It takes a certain type of constitution…

Haze is not explicitly political, and probably never will be. When asked what profession she would never pursue, she said:

Anything that has to do with the government.[2]

Hmm… maybe she's an anarchist. No proof on that one though.

We can assume, for obvious reasons, that Haze is probably socially liberal. She is a bisexual who has said she suffered some persecution as a result:

I would go into drama class and everyone would scream names at me like 'bi-sexual whore.' It was just horrible. That is one of the reasons I went on home studies.[3]

So it is likely that she's sympathetic to gay rights issues.

Then again, Haze is a millionaire,[4] so she might vote Republican for tax reasons.

And when celebrities were coming out of the woodwork in support of Barack Obama, Haze just made an adult film about him.[5] I'm not even going to begin to speculate about what that might mean.

In the end, Haze is a "spiritual" but not religious, non-political adult film actress. I would venture a guess she's not alone among her peers.

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