Jennifer Morrison

The Religion and Political Views of Jennifer Morrison



Jennifer Morrison appears to be completely non-religious.

Political Views

She's an Obama supporter, but not particularly active in the political scene.


Jennifer Morrison was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in the Chicago suburb, Arlington Heights.

Morrison is as non-religious as any other celebrity who hasn't declared themselves an atheist. The character for which she is perhaps most famous, from the television series House, is an atheist doctor,[1] but I couldn't find any indication that she's ever talked about that aspect of her on-screen life.

Her Myspace profile, which is almost definitely not official, lists her religion as "Christian – other,"[2] but it doesn't seem likely to me that she'd call herself a Christian. More likely is that she's totally non-religious. She doesn't mention God or praying on her (definitely official) Twitter feed, and the closest thing we get to religion is a lone "Merry Christmas!!" tweet in 2011.[3]

If you've come across something I've missed, feel free to drop us a line in the comments.

Team Obama

As far as politics go, Morrison's giving us a little more to chew on, but not much. What we know for sure: she's an Obama fan. Outside that? Pretty much nothing. But at least she made that one fact clear.

Morrison wore an Obama t-shirt loud and proud to an event in 2009[4] and she tweeted her support for the president during his 2012 campaign. The day after perhaps Obama's lowest moment in the campaign, after he bombed his first debate against challenger Mitt Romney, Morrison retweeted this plea from his camp:

RT @BarackObama: RT if you're on #TeamObama tonight.[5]

But then when it came time to actually vote, she was mostly silent except one retweet several days before the election from fellow actress Christina Applegate to please vote, and vote thoughtfully.[6]

So, she might not be the most active celebrity on the block, but at least we know where she stands.

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