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The Religion and Political Views of Jerry Springer



Springer is Jewish, the son of Jewish-Germans who fled the Nazis in World War II.

Political Views

Springer is a liberal Democrat and has proven it by running for office, serving as a Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, and hosting a liberal talk radio show.


Jerry Springer was born in London, England in a subway station as Germans dropped bombs all around him. His parents were German-Jewish refugees who had escaped to England and, by the time Jerry was five years old, had moved to the United States.[1]

Many of Springer's relatives were killed by Nazi's, in and out of concentration camps. His grandmother was gassed in a truck in Poland. It's safe to say that the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people hold a special place in Springer's heart–and he is a spiritual man. However, his spiritualism isn't just about being Jewish. Springer expresses certain things that point to a faith-holding agnostics. He said:

But I also believe in God, because someone created this wonderful thing that I experience every day. And under any moral code you say thank you. My parents happened to be Jewish so I use Jewish traditions to thank whoever is responsible for it. If I was born to Catholic parents, I would use the Catholic tradition. So I'm not saying Jews have the answer more than Catholics. I don't know. I don't know what it's going to be like after we die.[2]

Reformed politician

Before becoming the talk show host that we all love (or hate), Springer was a semi-successful politician. He ran for the governor of Ohio (and lost) and lost an election for an Ohio seat in the U.S. Congress, but was a member of the Cincinnati city council and later appointed to the mayor of that city. He's always run as a Democrat and described himself as liberal.

Springer's charisma as a politician was evident. He resigned his post as a city councilman after it became clear that he had purchased a prostitute. But after an honest confession, he won his seat back the next year.[3]

Springer hosted a talk-radio show for a year in Cincinnati, which was a very liberal show and was even syndicated into various other Midwest cities.[4] His famous daytime talk show, The Jerry Springer Show, showed a liberal sort-of patience and tolerance to a wide range of beliefs and viewpoints from transgendered moms to those with feet fetishes.

Springer is an Obama supporter and has even said Obama's less-than-sympathetic views towards Israel won't affect the Jewish vote for 2012 president. He has said:

Overall, American Jews tend to be more progressive, more liberal, so [Obama] will probably still get the vote…I am very happy as an American Jew, and I have family in Israel, I am very happy to support Obama.[5]

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