Jessica Chastain
Political Affiliation

Jessica Chastain
Criticizes Trump

21 Apr 2017

The thing I’m concerned with the most is that good people will become crazy. Do you know what I mean? I believe that energy is contagious. If you have vileness, if you have negativity, it’s easy to stoop to that level. That’s my biggest fear: society becomes what the administration is spewing. Not that they agree with the policies but they fight back with violence. I don’t think that’s a healthy place to be.

Jessica Chastain said, in an interview with Variety, when asked what is her greatest fear in the Trump administration

Honestly, I can barely function. I’m so depressed. No matter what happens, unless it’s a landslide [for Hillary Clinton], it’s effing depressing. Because there’s so much damage that’s happened. As a woman, it’s just shocking to me to read statistics that say 70 percent of uneducated white men are voting a certain way. It feels like such a punch in the gut.

Jessica Chastain said, in an interview with The Wrap

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