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Religious Beliefs


30 Dec 2020

In an interview on Pints with Aquinas

If there’s anything that you feel is compromising your spirituality that’s one thing, if you feel like he’s maybe a bad guy, well I try to find the good, I try to find Christ in all of these characters. [...] Trust that God, if you’re offering and surrendering your life and your will to God, He will provide for you no matter what,

Religious Beliefs


29 May 2020

In an interview with Christian Headlines about his role in the TV show The Chosen

It’s deepened my faith very intensely, and I think part of that is because I've been spending so much time with the character in prayer and with Christ. It's something that has greatly impacted it in a very positive way. [...] Mostly though, [I] relied on prayer and trust and faith in God – to use this role as a vehicle to bring the Spirit to people
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