Josh Hutcherson

The Religion and Political Views of Josh Hutcherson


Josh Hutcherson was born in Union, Kentucky.

His religious views are very much up for debate. Some websites (without citations) are convinced he is a Christian[1] while teenage girl bloggers write 1,000-word reports on why they are so sad because they can't marry Josh because he is not a Christian.[2]

The only piece of Josh Hutcherson's official history having anything to do with religion is the fact that his first acting job was for a Bible study video for a Christian church in Toledo, Ohio.[3] Plus, the film Bridge to Terabithia, which he starred in, has slight Christian undertones.

My personal view–he probably has Christian roots in his family but doesn't care so much.

Politically, Hutcherson is a bit more interesting. Both of his parents work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [4] and Hutcherson has won awards for raising awareness of the trails facing the LGBT community.[5] These two items would put Hutcherson snugly into the liberal/Democrat category and might be why some (religious conservatives) are convinced he's not a Christian.

What do you think of this?

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