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The Religion and Political Views of Kat Von D



Von D was raised in a strict Seventh Day Adventist environment. She doesn't appear to be religious anymore.

Political Views

Von D is a liberal with very little to say about mainstream politics.


Kat Von D, real name Katherine von Drachenberg, was born in Montemorelos, Mexico and raised in Colton, California.

Von D was raised in a strictly religious Seventh Day Adventist Christian home.[1] In fact, when Kat was born, her parents–both Argentinian–were traveling missionaries for the church.[2]

One gets the sense that Von D isn't too religious anymore. She has spoken frequently on the break she made from her family when entering her chosen career as a tattoo artist and the difficulties it caused:

Like, I was brought up Seventh Day Adventist, which is Christian. My parents had a hard time with me being tattooed. They were like you're desecrating your body. I think it took them at least ten years for them to realize that it was a positive thing.[3]

Things are alright now between Von D and her parents,[4] but with boyfriends like ex-Motley Crue singer Nikki Sixx[5] and suspected Nazi Jessie James,[6] it seems reasonable to assume she's not a good little Christian girl anymore.

Counter-culture politics

Kat Von D isn't political in the traditional sense. No candidate endorsements or campaign contributions, but she has become a bit of an icon for both tattooed women and women in the tattoo business.[7]

And she's an immigrant of purebred Argentinian descent. Her family moved to the U.S. when she was four-years-old.[8] So you can imagine her being sympathetic to the many immigrants–both legal and illegal–in the immigration battleground of Southern California where she now resides.

Von D is also sympathetic to the gay community, attending charity events for gay rights[9] and speaking out on their behalf. She said:

I'm really supportive [of the gay community], and in California, where we work, it's been a tough time because of Proposition 8. Look, I know what it's like to be treated differently…and, for me, I chose my lifestyle. Oh, and I love drag queens. They're great with make-up tips.[10]

So what we've got here is a liberal champion of marginalized American subcultures–pretty cool really.

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