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The Religion and Political Views of Katie Couric



Couric is a Presbyterian.

Political Views

Couric appears to be a liberal/Democrat, though her role in society is the objective journalist, so it's difficult to get anything conclusive out of her.

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Katie Couric was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia.

Couric’s mother was of Jewish descent and her father was a Presbyterian of French ancestry.[1] Couric was raised a Presbyterian. It is unclear why Couric’s mother converted, though one biographer, Edward Klein, believes she did it to make her children’s assimilation into WASP society smoother.[2]

Couric seems to be somewhat religious today, though she indicates that this wasn’t always the case:

I was raised a Presbyterian. I think my faith has been tested. For a period, I was really angry. But I’m coming back to the fold. I go to church, which gives me a moment to be contemplative and take stock. I admire people who have a deep, abiding faith.[3]

It would certainly be interesting to know what the whole anger thing was about. But alas, Couric didn’t expand upon that. Maybe she would have liked to have been Jewish? Hard to say.

Not so objective, it would seem

Couric is a journalist, a wildly famous one at that. It is her ethical duty to remain as politically objective as possible. But it would appear she’s not fooling anyone.

Couric is often chided for having a liberal bias.[4] Gawker did a very interesting “political leanings of American news anchors” spectrum analysis. It turns out Couric is the furthest left of the anchors included, opposite Rush Limbaugh.[5] Interesting.

She would never admit it. She’s got a career to think about. But these ratings and accusations aren’t the only thing indicating some leanings to the left. Couric’s late sister, Emily Couric, was a state senator in Virginia–and a Democrat.[6] So maybe it runs in the family.

There are numerous, maybe thousands, of exchanges Couric has made with current and former politicians, celebrities of all stripes and regular people that could be (and are) interpreted as liberal or in line with the Democratic Party’s position (whatever that may be). If you readers feel so inclined, tell us some memorable ones.

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