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The Religion and Political Views of Keith Urban



Urban appears to be a devoted Catholic.

Political Views

He is dedicated to environmental causes, but hasn't officially made his political views known.


Keith Urban was born in Whangarei, New Zealand and grew up there and in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia.

Urban is a Christian, and appears to be Catholic. If you type in "Keith Urban Catholic" into Google, seven out of the ten results on the first page are about his wife, Nicole Kidman.[1] So regardless of how religious he was before he met her, it seems that she's upped the ante.

The two were married in a Catholic ceremony,[2] they attend Catholic mass,[3] and they named their daughters Sunday and Faith,[4] both names with religious undertones. Urban himself sends out prayers occasionally to those in need.[5]

Even though his wife's deep faith overshadows Urban's, it seems he was still devoted to God before he met her. His first big hit in the U.S. was a song called "But For The Grace Of God," a deeply religious song:

But for the grace of God go I/ I must've been born a lucky guy/ Heaven only knows how I've been blessed/ With the gift of your love/ And I look around and all I see/Is your happiness embracing me/ Oh Lord I'd be lost/ But for the grace of God[6]

I couldn't find whether or not Urban grew up in the Catholic church, but I think it's a pretty good bet. Regardless, he's certainly Catholic now.

Plastic Shirts and Bio-Fuel

The only clue we have to Keith Urban's political affiliation is questionable at best. The musician is dedicated to environmental causes and does what he can to make his tours more eco-friendly. His concert t-shirts are made partially out of recycled water bottles and he runs his buses on bio-diesel. He says about his contribution to the cause,

While I am far from the greenest guy on the block, I do look for situations where I can make even a small difference.[7]

Urban also performed at a benefit concert held by environmental activist and former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore in 2009 which aimed to fight climate change.[8] So I'm not going to give him a solid liberal label yet, but I'd definitely lean that way.

We haven't heard anything else from Urban yet, but keep us updated in the comments!

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