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The Religion and Political Views of Kelly Ripa



Ripa is a devout Catholic.

Political Views

Ripa successfully plays neutral talk show host, though she comes from a family of active, passionate Democrats.


Kelly Ripa was born in Stratford, New Jersey and grew up in Camden County, New Jersey.

Ripa's parents are of Irish and Italian descent,[1] so it's safe to assume her Catholicism[2] is a family affair. She appears to have had a religious upbringing.[3] To add to that, she married a half-Italian man, Mark Consuelos.[4] The couple and their three children keep Catholicism alive as much as possible. The family goes to church most Sundays and they pray often.[5] Ripa has said:

We grew up Catholic. We've both found it a stabilizing force, a source of strength and comfort in our lives. While we don't always say grace at meals, we do say our prayers every night.[6]

Ripa also supports the organization, Catholic Charities, though it appears to be somewhat minimal. Here's a photo of her during a meeting with the Catholic Charities' Office of Development and Communication.

Beyond that, Ripa's not the type to tout God or religious principles on her show or for the media. So, very simply, Catholic it is.

You can be neutral all you want, but the Hollowverse has got your number

Ripa being the media personality, quasi-journalist, pop culture commentator that she is, taking political positions is tantamount to career suicide. Her morning show is popular in a wide range of demographics and it wouldn't be wise for her to express any particular political viewpoint.

Her position has afforded her the opportunity to interview and co-host with people from across the socio-political landscape. She's interviewed Mitt and Ann Romney[7] as well as Michelle Obama.[8] Both interviews only scratched the surface of any political issue and certainly didn't find Ripa interjecting any opinions. What can we say? She's a professional.

However, Ripa has spoken very highly of her parents and upbringing:

My parents were like June and Ward Cleaver; there was nothing dysfunctional about them.[9]

During her childhood, her father, Joseph Ripa, was a labor union organizer and president.[10] And in 2009, he ran, and won, the position as the Camden County Freeholder,[11] also known as Democratic County Clerk. Basically, she comes from a very active Democrat family and I don't see her breaking rank.

There have been controversies, naturally. When co-hosting her show with gay singer, Clay Aiken, Ripa became very upset when Aiken jokingly covered her mouth during taping. Members of the gay community (mostly Rosie O'Donnel) accused her anger of being homophobic, allegations Ripa vehemently denied.[12]

But really, for a star of Ripa's magnitude, she does a pretty good job of staying uncontroversial.

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