The Religion and Political Views of Kesha



Kesha has never claimed a religion but she has repeatedly expressed a belief in the Hindu/Buddhist concept of Karma.

Political Views

Once again, not a hot topic for Kesha, but she is an animal rights ambassador, a supporter of gay rights, and has contributed to Amnesty International, so she's definitely liberal.


Kesha was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kesha has never spoken about her religious beliefs–at least not in terms of any particular denomination. However, her ancestry (Polish and Hungarian) would imply that some Catholicism probably seeped into her upbringing and she did mention in a song that she's:

Got Jesus on my necklace.[1]

At 17, before Kesha decided to pursue music, she was determined to go to an all-girls university called Barnard College to study psychology and comparative religion[2] so there is some indication of spiritual awareness.

There is one clue to her belief system. Kesha has repeatedly mentioned a belief in Karma, saying once:

I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back.[3]

Her apparent interest in comparative religion would indicate that she probably knows that Karma is a Hindu concept (thought adapted by Buddhists as well), so we're going to at least speculate that she's Hindu or Buddhist…probably Buddhist…or none…

Party politics

Once again, Kesha doesn't speak much about politics, preferring hard partying and electro-pop to everything else, it would seem.

Still, some evidence points to some substance beneath the glitter.

First of all, Kesha was appointed Humane Society International's first ever global ambassador.[4] Humane Society International is a worldwide special interest group concerned with animal rights. Beyond that, Kesha even fearlessly went head to head with corporate giant McDonald's over animal rights issues.[5]

Second, Kesha has expressed support for the gay community. When asked about her bisexuality, Kesha responded, saying:

All people should be treated exactly equal on every level.[6]

Lastly, Kesha recently donated a song to a Bob Dylan tribute album, the proceeds of which went to Amnesty International.[7]

Actions definitely speak louder than words, and these actions point to a strong liberal orientation and a level of political and social understanding that is not at all evident in Kesha's music.

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