Kevin Sorbo

The Religion and Political Views of Kevin Sorbo



He said in a interview he believes in God

Political Views

Kevin Sorbo is conservative because he criticizes Biden, praises Trump, a climate change denier, anti-immigration, pro-life, pro-2A & pro-God

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Gun Control

Pro Second Amendment

12 Jun 2022

In a tweet

The government is coming for your guns because they cannot control you while you still have then.


Against Children Transitioning

2 Jun 2022

In a tweet

If an 18-year-old isn’t “mature enough” to own a firearm, then maybe 5-year-olds aren’t mature enough to change their gender.

Government Size and Efficiency

Distrusts Politicians

1 Jun 2022

In a tweet

Politicians and don’t care about you, they care about your money and your vote, and they’ll do whatever they can to get both.



4 May 2022

In a tweet

Abortion is murder. You had sex, what did you expect? A flatscreen tv?

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Biden

10 Apr 2022

In a tweet

Nobody is better than Biden. Seriously, we would be better off with nobody as president.

Political Affiliations

Praises Trump

10 Jan 2022

In a tweet

Everything was better under Trump.


Against Trans Women in Women's Sports

12 Jul 2021

In a tweet

To Combat Transwoman Dominance Of Women’s Sports, Olympics Adds Competitive Child Birthing!


Skeptical of Vaccines

27 May 2021

In a tweet

If the vaccine works then what do you care if I take it or not.

Religious Beliefs

Believes in God

31 Dec 2020

In an interview with Movie Guides

Same kind of picked up what happened, and we came back to the United States. I went to see my chiropractor, and in the eight years I’ve been to him he has never cracked my neck. I’m lying on the table, and a Voice that said: ‘Don’t let him crack your neck.’ I looked up at the doctor and asked him if he said something. He said he didn’t say anything. I closed my eyes and again I hear the Voice louder: ‘Do not let him crack your neck.’ Why is this voice telling me this? He has never cracked my neck in eight years. [...] Oh, there’s no question [it was God]. As I’m debating with God, he cracks my neck. That bump that was an aneurism that was so close to the artery feeding the brain, that manipulation forced three of those clots to my brain, and I suffered three strokes. What did I learn? I learned to listen to that voice.


Criticizes Black Lives Matter

16 Sep 2020

In a tweet

BLM just filled with class…not. Angry, hate-filled thugs. Corporations shame on you for donating money. Read what they stand for. Just go online and read!
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