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31 Dec 2020

Same kind of picked up what happened, and we came back to the United States. I went to see my chiropractor, and in the eight years I’ve been to him he has never cracked my neck. I’m lying on the table, and a Voice that said: ‘Don’t let him crack your neck.’ I looked up at the doctor and asked him if he said something. He said he didn’t say anything. I closed my eyes and again I hear the Voice louder: ‘Do not let him crack your neck.’ Why is this voice telling me this? He has never cracked my neck in eight years. [...] Oh, there’s no question [it was God]. As I’m debating with God, he cracks my neck. That bump that was an aneurism that was so close to the artery feeding the brain, that manipulation forced three of those clots to my brain, and I suffered three strokes. What did I learn? I learned to listen to that voice.

Kevin Sorbo said, in an interview with Movie Guides

Happened on 31 Dec 2020

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