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The Religion and Political Views of Kid Ink



Kid Ink is Christian, but doesn't appear to be particularly devout.

Political Views

He is non-political.


Kid Ink, whose real name is Brian Todd Collins, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Kid Ink doesn't appear to be particularly religious, but does seem to have some Christian leanings. There are a few references to the religion in his songs here and there, but not too much. In the song "Neva Gon Leave," he raps,

It's a war outside and we lost a couple soldiers/ Pray that they and the sky helping look over my shoulders[1]

And then he tweeted the line "Thank God I'm alive and I made something…outta nothing"[2] from the song "Can't Ignore Me."[3] He also tweeted a shout-out to his jeweler for presumably making him a Jesus piece that's also a two-finger ring.[4]

But then there's the issue of his tattoos. His body is nearly covered in them, and it doesn't appear that there's one cross, Jesus head, line of scripture, or anything else religious in the lot of them.[5]

So, a Christian he appears to be. Devout? Tough to say, but probably not.

No Comment

Politics doesn't seem to be something with which Kid Ink concerns himself, or he's really good at keeping it private. I couldn't find even one tiny snippet of information from him.

He smokes a lot of weed, but I couldn't find any interview of him talking about the legalization of marijuana.[6] He didn't have anything to say on his Twitter feed the day Barack Obama was elected to a second term as president.[7] And there's nothing on how he feels about gun control, immigration, or anything else.

We could guess that he's probably an Obama supporter since most black people in America are, but whether he even votes is something I seriously doubt. Maybe he was excited about Obama in 2008, and things just didn't pan out like he hoped, so he lost interest.

Either way, he's definitely a non-political man. If you know anything about Kid Ink's politics that I missed, let us know in the comments.

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