Kim Basinger

The Religion and Political Views of Kim Basinger



Basinger was raised a Methodist. We're unclear if she still considers herself one.

Political Views

Basinger is a liberal Democrat.


Kim Basinger was born and raised in Athens, Georgia.

Basinger was raised a Methodist.[1] In some places, she is still listed as a Methodist,[2] but faith isn't something she talks much about. According to Wikipedia, she told interviewer Charlie Rose that she has a "humorous relationship" with God and a strong faith,[3] but the source provided doesn't contain said information.[4] and no other sites corroborate the claim.

However, I'm inclined to believe she said it. Regardless, that's about all we have on Basinger's religious views. We'll call her a Methodist for now. If any of you readers see that we've missed something, please let us know.

Animals: don't eat 'em, don't wear 'em

Basinger's political views are a bit more transparent. First of all, the entirety of her $5,500 in political contributions have gone to Democrats or Democrat organizations.[5] Plus, she seems to rally behind classic liberal causes, like environmentalism–she mentioned that she only wants her kids to play with environmentally-friendly toys.[6]

But the cause closest to her heart seems to be animal rights. Basinger is a vegetarian[7] and she's appeared in more than a few PETA campaign ads protesting fur, as well as personally asking famous fashion designers to defer use of it in their designs.[8] And she protested a U.S. Fish and Wildlife decision to send two tigers to the Baghdad zoo during the Iraq War for fear they would be put in danger.[9] She wrote:

In their natural environment, tigers quietly roam throughout many miles of territory consisting of forests, swamps, grasslands, savannahs, and rocky terrain, hunt, and raise their young. This is the life that they were meant to have—not dodging bullets in a facility that does not have the expertise or resources to properly care for them.[10]

Eloquent indeed. We'll just put her in the liberal Democrat pile.

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