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The Religion and Political Views of Kim Kardashian



Kim was raised by a member of the Armenian Orthodox Church and a Catholic. She prefers trendy non-denominational Christian churches.

Political Views

Kim has ties to the Republican power structure, but she's expressed an interest in running for mayor of her hometown of Glendale, California--on the Democratic ticket.


Kim Kardahian was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of lawyer Robert Kardashian–the guy who got O.J. Simpson off a murder charge.

Kim's father comes from a long line of members of the Armenian Orthodox Church and Kardashian's mother was raised a Catholic.[1]

This would give Kim a stake in some of the world's oldest Christian institutions, adding a strong sense of history, depth, and nuance to this young lady's already impressive resume of sex tapes, reality shows, and a rather long list of Twitter followers.

But no, Kim would rather latch on to a trendy, non-denominational Christian (though Protestant in nature) church with a semi-celebrity pastor, Dr. Brad Johnson–The Life Change Community Church. She recently attached herself to this church and another one of its celebrity attendees, country crooner LeAnn Rimes.[2]

Kim isn't shy about expressing her devotion to God and Jesus, or her money. She once said:

Whatever it is, I give 10% away to the church. That's what I was taught.

She's been tweeting various religions messages as well, such as:

Early morning workout done now off to church with the family.


Perfect day so far! Church and family brunch.[3]

Maybe she's very devout, or maybe, as many suspect, she's trying to bolster her good-girl image after the failure of her most recent marriage after 72 days.

Politics is filthy–filthy rich

Kardashian might have some political aspirations. She has mentioned an interest in running for mayor of Glendale, California to represent the large Armenian-American population in that city. But unlike her parents, who are Republicans, Kardashian would run on the Democratic ticket.[4]

Though, one might question her actual political knowledge. In an interview, she almost made it seem as though she didn't know anything about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, did not endorse it, and all she could say about it was that she supports their right to protest.[5]

Contrary to her Democratic leanings, Kardashian was reported to have been hanging out with Fox News political strategist Greta Van Susteren–a Republican and former adviser to Sarah Palin.[6] We can only speculate what that was about.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have their opinions about Kardashian. President Obama once complained that he doesn't like it when his daughters watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Mitt Romney made fun of her for being married for less than three months.[7]

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