Kristin Cavallari

The Religion and Political Views of Kristin Cavallari



Cavallari appears to be a Catholic, but not terribly devout.

Political Views

Cavallari tends to lean left on social issues, though she says she's not into politics.


Kristin Cavallari was born in Denver, Colorado and was raised there, in Illinois and in Laguna Beach, California.

Cavallari is of Italian descent and during her freshman year of high school, she attended a Catholic school.[1] That's about all we've got to go on regarding her religious views. She doesn't appear to be a very spiritual person.

Of course, we could pull out the old big-Catholic-family cliche. When asked if she and football player husband, Jay Cutler, were considering a second child, she said:

Yeah. It's a lot of fun. Yeah, we want a bunch of kids.[2]

So, unless any of you dispute, we're going with Catholic lite.

About what you'd expect

Cavallari has admitted that she's not all that into politics,[3] but that's not entirely true. She supported Obama during his initial bid for president in 2008, saying:

Obama seems like a really cool genuine guy, which I think is hard to find nowadays in a president.[4]

Plus, she's been a public activist for various causes. She did an ad for PETA decrying the use of fur in clothing. She said:

You wouldn't want someone killing you for your skin. It's the same thing.[5]

And Cavallari is on board with the old liberal standby of gay marriage. She posed for the NOH8 campaign, a group in opposition to California's Prop 8, a law that banned gay marriage in the state.[6] Her one and only semi-political tweet on her feed (that I found) was a retweet in support of gay marriage:

Yes! #bingit RT @HarjitSarang: @KristinCav Hi will you support your gay followers by RT'ng a 'yes' in support of #equalmarriage please? ;)x[7]

Add that all up, and Cavallari goes in the pile with the rest of the liberal Democrats.

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