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Encourages Voting

8 Oct 2020

On her Instagram

On November 3, I will be working as a poll worker in my community since there has been a nationwide shortage of poll workers because of the pandemic. By doing my part, I will help my local polling site run smoothly and help ensure every eligible American can exercise their right to vote, regardless of age, race, or zip code.


Encourages Voting

22 Sep 2020

On her Instagram

It’s National Voter Registration Day! Make sure you and your coworkers are signed up to vote. I did!! The future is voting.



Possibly Criticizes Trump

3 Nov 2018

In an interview with People, talking about Donald Trump's zero tolerance and family separation policity on immigration

I know for myself with family members and friends who are fierce in their liberal politics and point of views as well as conservatives, all of them talked about their heartbreak when they saw these babies and young children standing in court without legal representatives with their families that were being detained separately and losing each other. Not only being pulled away from each other but not being able to be reunited. That should not be a political issue.
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