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Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

LGBTQ+ Supporter

26 Jul 2017

In a string of tweets

My fellow trans Americans, despite what some may say your existence is valuable. Your lives, safety, & service matter. #TransIsBeautiful To all the trans folks currently serving in the military thank you for your service. I am sorry your ‘commander in chief’ doesn’t value it. Marginalized folks have often found ourselves at odds with systems which seek to subjugate & erase us. Let us love each other more & fight

Sexuality and Gender

Believes Gender is a Spectrum

11 Mar 2017

In a tweet

Gender exists on a spectrum & the binary narrative which suggests that all trans women transition from male privilege erases a lot of experiences and isn’t intersectional. Gender is constituted differently based on the culture we live iN. ‘There’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood. To suggest that is essentialist & again not intersectional.

Women's Rights


1 Jun 2014

In an interview with DAME

When I was in college, I was very interested in women’s studies. Bell Hooks was like my feminist godmother. Her book Black Look changed the way I thought about race and gender. I was in a sort of androgynous place, figuring out who I was. I’ve always been interested in feminist politics, particularly because of my mother.
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