Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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Black Lives Matter Activist

2 May 2021


In an interview with The Guardian, while talking about her documentary "Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power"

The majority of the film is me talking about my experiences, being the darkest member of my band in my very white pop world. I really wanted people to see that just because I’m successful doesn’t mean I’m not going to be affected by racism.


Advocates Racial Equality

3 Jun 2020


On her Instagram

When white people make up the majority of decision making power people of colour are the ones that aren’t given a fair shot at life. Racism is built into every level of our society. Now it’s time for EVERYONE to use their voice to shout about it and expose it for what it is and it is evident in all of these ways: Wealth Employment Education Criminal justice Housing Surveillance Healthcare Systematic racism is REAL. Please I’m asking everyone that follows me, do your research, educate yourself and keep the conversation going. We ALL need to fight to end it :black_heart:
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