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Fact about the Abortion views of Lena Dunham


3 May 2022


On her Instagram

My mother raised me never to say pro-life, because the people who call themselves pro-life are using faux humanist rhetoric to disguise what they truly are: anti-choice. And make no mistake, if reproductive choice is denied it is not just women and people assigned female at birth who suffer- it’s everyone who has hung their hat on the idea that America is a place where we can pursue freedom in all its forms. The overturning of a constitutional right- may I repeat, constitutional right- sets the stage for access to birth control to be denied (and birth control is about so much more than reproduction, as many people are dependent on it for their health), the already limited rights of our trans siblings to be repealed and for the ignorance of white cis men controlling a country they refuse to celebrate for its diversity to continue. So what can we do besides cower and rage? Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s stay close to essential organizations like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, who need us more than ever. And let’s remember that more of us know what’s right than what’s wrong when it comes to giving the people freedom to live in their bodies as they see fit. If you’re able to, please join me in donating to the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. Link in bio to donate.
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