Lil Jon

The Religion and Political Views of Lil Jon



Lil Jon is entirely non-religious.

Political Views

He's an Obama fan, but also thinks Donald Trump is a good guy.


Lil Jon, whose real name is Jonathan Smith, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

This man has nothing to say about religion. I mean, nothing. One site claims he is Mormon,[1] but there's no evidence to back up that claim whatsoever. And whenever he mentions God in his songs, it's followed by "damn."[2]

So I think we can safely classify him as non-religious.

Supporter of Obama and… Trump?

Lil Jon doesn't have a whole lot to say about politics either, except that he's an Obama supporter. The black community rallied around the President in 2008 understandably, and Lil Jon was no exception.

Into his first year, when results weren't as dramatic as many Obama-supporters had hoped, Jon defended the President saying it would take time for anyone to fix a mess as big as he inherited:

I look at it like this: If you sell somebody a cadillac that has three tires, the engine don't work, and one of the doors is missing, you can't expect them to automatically fix it in one week. It's gonna take time to fix the Cadillac up.[3]

But being on Donald Trump's show "Celebrity Apprentice" gave the rapper some respect for the billionaire. Lil Jon said he got a good "vibe" from Trump, but had some advice in case he decided to run for president:

The only thing I would suggest is that he should start as governor first. I mean, Obama is going through hell and he has experience in politics. Imagine if you don't have any background in it? That's gonna be nuts.[4]

The organization Color of Change asked Jon to speak out against Trump's questioning of whether or not President Obama was born in the U.S., which many view as a racist attack.[5] But the rapper didn't respond.

Overall it seems like Lil Jon is only slightly more into politics than he is into religion.

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