Mac Miller

The Religion and Political Views of Mac Miller



His father is Christian and his mother is Jewish, but he identifies more with his mother's religion.

Political Views

He's a Democrat and Obama supporter.


Mac Miller, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Miller was raised by a Christian father and a Jewish mother, and although he celebrated some Christian holidays too,[1] he seems to consider himself Jewish.

I celebrate the high holidays. That's like my culture; that's like my family; that's like how I was raised: Jew.[2]

Miller has a large tattoo of the Hebrew word for "life" on his left arm. It doesn't seem to bother him that some Jews don't look too favorably on tattoos or that he can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery. He wanted a tattoo to represent who he is, and being Jewish is obviously a big part of that.[3]

Obama: such a cool ass dude

Miller hasn't been of voting age for very long, but he's making his political affiliations clear: Obama all the way. He's fond of tweeting about the president, making poignant statements like, "why is obama such a cool ass dude."[4]

He made his anti-Republican stance clear on his song, "Uhh Most Dope:"

They wonder bout this Malcolm dude/ Oh thats just my government name/ No Republican, you never see me running with lames.[5]

But that didn't stop the rapper from being enamored of former presidential candidate Donald Trump. He came out with a single named after the billionaire that was focused much more on money than politics. But when Trump tweeted that he was flattered at the 16 million hits the song received on YouTube, Miller got really excited. He tweeted back,


Trump never took Miller up on his subsequent request for a night on the town with the businessman turned politician. Trump never responded at all for that matter. Maybe that's why Miller decided to stick with his Obama endorsement.

The rapper stays away from specific issues like gay marriage, health care, and immigration reform. Maybe we'll see more from him as he gets older. In the meantime, we can be sure he's not voting the Republican ticket.

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