Mario Casas

The Religion and Political Views of Mario Casas


Mario Casas was born in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain and grew up in Barcelona, Spain.

If there's anything to know about Casas' religion, it's probably in Spanish. Nothing at all exists on the topic in English. Even MySpace, with its pushy questions about race, religion, political leanings, is devoid of even a "Christian-other" label for on Casas' page.[1] That, to me, is an indication of willful obfuscation on Casas' part regarding his religious views.

He's Spanish, so let's be honest, whether or not he's devout, an atheist or a Scientologist, Casas most likely has a heavy Catholic influence in his family and culture.

Foreign sales and the Spanish fiscal cliff

Casas is equally vague regarding his political views–that is, unless he waxes eloquent political rhetoric in Español. I thought something about Catalonian independence would come up, but no dice.

However, Spanish economists are grateful to Casas for his contribution to the national bottom line. His films, which sell well in foreign markets, bring much needed revenue into a nation plagued with unemployment and teetering on economic collapse.[2]

If there are any bilingual Casas fans out there, give us a hand in the comments. We'll plaster the internet with your praises.

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