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Labour supporter



2 Mar 9999

Martin Freeman went to a Catholic secondary school


16 Apr 2005

When asked about religion, Martin Freeman said

I'm not a practising Catholic or I wouldn't be living unwed with a woman, and I don't think all poofs are going to hell, and I don't think everyone who's had an abortion is damned, most of my friends are atheists and I understand atheism, I get it, but I happen to be a theist. I believe in our answerableness to something else. You're not the only cunt in the world
Political Affiliation

Labour supporter

13 Aug 2015

About his support of Jeremy Corbyn, Martin Freeman said

I happen to think he is the most impressive one of the four [candidates]. I respect all of them because I wouldn't do it and they are all on my team but he is the most impressive as an individual.

Labour supporter

15 Mar 2015

During the 2015 UK general election, Martin Freeman said

Really, for me, there's only one choice, and I choose Labour
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