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Matthew McConaughey

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1 Nov 2020

I’m a believer. I believe in God. [...] God’s laying out the highways, but we each have our hand on the wheel. [...] Prayer is inventory. I go to church once a week. I go, I pray and I do inventory. I take a deep breath, understand myself as me being number two in God’s house, and go back through my week. [...] I do believe that it’s not over when we leave here. But it’s blatantly obvious that’s one of those things old science has not figured out yet. But science, to me, has always been the practical pursuit of God. [...] An individual in his small house: imploding. Just going through all the hardships, shaking the devils and monkeys off his back; just frustrated. It’s getting dark, dark, dark, dark, dark, dark, dark. And just outside his door, the one door to his one room that he’s in, stands Jesus, all right? The door only has one doorknob, but it’s on the inside. I love that image of that. God is there but we have to open the door. We have to grab the doorknob. It’s up to us to grab the knob and open the door.

Matthew McConaughey said, in an interview with Relevant Magazine

Happened on 1 Nov 2020

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