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Fact about the Abortion views of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Possibly Pro-Choice

7 Oct 2021

In an interview on The New York Times’ Sway podcast

Yeah, now, the abortion— this new SB 8, six week abortion ban— I’m not going to come out and tell you right now on this show, here’s where I stand on abortion. We’ve been trying to figure out that, and how to play God with that situation, since the beginning. But this latest move by Texas? It’s a little bit of— feels like a back to front sort of Roe v. Wade loophole that they’re trying to get into. It’s a— feels a little juvenile in its implementation to me. Like, hey, we’ll pay for bounties if you call in and see somebody going in there. And also, you know, how it deals— and doesn’t really— isn’t responsible for rape and incest, that’s— I got a problem with that. And also, six weeks. Six weeks? If you’re saying that your discussion of abortion is even on the table to consider, six weeks does not really make that a honest consideration.
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