Matthew Perry

The Religion and Political Views of Matthew Perry



Perry is non-religious, though he has some Jewish heritage.

Political Views

Perry is a liberal Democrat.


Mathew Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Rumors abound that Perry is part Jewish.[1] But that may not be the case as his parents were married in a Catholic ceremony.[2]

Perry does not come off as religious. The closest he's come to religion seems to have been during his struggles with addiction. At some point, while shooting for his now-defunct TV show, Serving Sara, he had a moment of clarity. He said:

[I had] this very lovely spiritual moment… Everything's clear for one split second. I realize, I've got to go save myself. I got on the phone and called the people who were willing to help me.[3]

However, he's been known to take cracks at religious people and their faith. For example, he made a parody video making fun of Angus T. Jones' video in which he implored viewers to not watch his "immoral" show 2 and a Half Men for religious reasons. Perry says:

I decided to sit down for an hour and skim the entire Bible… crazy stuff… glancing at the Bible has led me to realize that my show, ,Go On,, is a complete abomination with terrible morals. Don't watch my show… Because I think all of my TV shows were immoral, I'm gonna give all the money back. I assume that's what Angus is going to do.[4]

So, it's mostly a big joke for Perry. We're going with the non-religious tag.

Witty, sarcastic politics

Perry isn't all that political either. However, it's pretty easy to see which side of the fence he sits on. He's gone on Bill Maher's Real Time with Bill Maher to talk about his negative opinion of the outrageous conservatism rampant in Fox News.[5]

And though he never endorsed Obama, during election day 2012, Perry tweeted:

Now that's what I call a speech. #GoBama[6]

And after the Sandy Hook shooting, Perry started retweeting gun control tweets and when a longtime fan misinterpreted one and asked him if he was pro-gun, he replied:

No, twit, I was saying quite the opposite.[7]

So, we've got ourselves another Hollywood liberal Democrat–not that there's anything wrong with that.

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