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Against Children Transitioning

17 Aug 2022

In a tweet

More people are raising concerns and asking questions about “transitioning” minors with gender dysphoria. We should help them accept their body, not push them to mutilate it as the radical trans lobby wants.

Against Mandatory Vaccination

17 Aug 2022

In a tweet

5th, and then 6th, and after that 7th…, just as I predicted. When they impose vaccine mandates and passports again, two shots won’t be enough, you will need to be “up to date.”
Women's Rights

Not a Feminist

Criticizes Feminism

12 Aug 2022

In a GETTR post

There has been a lot of talk about how radical feminism harmed men and women. This is encouraging. In 2018, I told a surprised CBC journalist that I am not a feminist. Why? Because I believe in people and I’m working for all Canadians, whatever their identity.
Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Against Ukraine Aid

11 Aug 2022

In a Facebook post

As I said in the spring, Western sanctions on Russia are backfiring on Europe and benefitting Russia instead. We’re governed by idiots. We should work for a negotiated peace instead of supporting this stupid war that’s not in our interest.
Government Size and Efficiency

Free Market Supporter

10 Aug 2022

In a Facebook post originally in French, translated using a language translation tool

The milk cartel has raised prices by 10.9% this year, even though production costs have fallen by 1% in 2021. Prices should be determined by supply and demand in the market as for other sectors, not by bureaucrats.
Monetary Policy

Against printing money

Criticizes Trudeau

9 Aug 2022

On a GETTR post

Inflation was caused by money printing to fund Trudeau’s deficits, not by supply chain disruptions or other issues as many claim. “Excess growth in M3 in recent years was caused by the perceived need to finance record fiscal deficits, which QE did.”
Identity Politics

Against Identity Politics

5 Aug 2022

In a tweet

#FlashbackFriday Four years ago, when I called for an end to divisive identity politics, a Liberal MP felt it was ok to tell me to sit down and be quiet. Woke culture will silence everyone, eventually, if we let them. We will not stay quiet. #PPC

Criticizes Conservative Party of Canada

Against Gender Pronouns

4 Aug 2022

In a tweet

The Conservative Party of Canada’s woke president thinks I’m against free speech because I’m pointing out his ridiculous use of pronouns in his bio! When are you officially merging with the Liberals?
Freedom of Speech

Against Cancel Culture

4 Aug 2022

Maxime Bernier shares, on his GETTR page, a headline stating "Maxime Bernier lists 'cancel culture,' 'wokeism' as problems in Canada along with the economy".


Against Gender Pronouns

4 Aug 2022

In a tweet, in response to a video from a middle school teacher talking about respecting student's pronouns

That’s how crazy our world has become. Total moral confusion brought about by the woke onslaught. Can Western civilization be saved from this nonsense?

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