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The Religion and Political Views of Michael Bublé



Bublé was raised a Catholic, but now leans toward agnosticism, or in his more religious moments, pantheism.

Political Views

Bublé plays both sides of the aisle for promotions, but seems to be a liberal at heart.


Michael Bublé was born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Bublé was raised a Catholic, and by his own account, it was a devout upbringing. He credits spiritual forces to his success, but maybe not the God and Jesus of Catholicism.

Bublé is very open about his spirituality, though he seems a bit embarrassed when talking about it. He says:

As I get older I have a different concept of what God is to me andit's not that I'm into organized religion, the truth is that I don't know. I'm sorry if that offends people out there, but I'm just being honest, I don't know. So instead of making it about a certain God, I have a relationship with that one thing. The universe. God.[1]

Maybe we could call it pantheism, as there is certainly some spirituality there, but his willingness to admit that he doesn't know suggests agnosticism. What does it for me is  when he talks about praying–something he still does by the way–and how as a child he would sleep with his Bible and pray for success as a musician. He said:

It's obvious that it worked.[2]

As he says it, he laughs, sarcastically perhaps, as if to indicate he feels it's ridiculous to think that way.

You ain't nobody 'till you've talked politics

Bublé is a political conundrum and he's got quite a few people confused. On one hand, he's doing an hour-long interview on hyper-conservative pundit Glenn Beck's show on Fox News.[3] On the other hand, he sang the Canadian National Anthem with liberal satirist Stephen Colbert.[4]

Some speculate that it's all a publicity stunt for Bublé to perpetuate his everyman image and keep from alienating his fans.[5]

However, Bublé tipped his hand when he got on the topic of homosexuality. Apparently, he has a gay uncle and despite his Catholic upbringing, he parents made it quite clear that this isn't anything to get upset about. He said:

I grew up never seeing a difference between gay and straight people. Also, I grew up in Vancouver, that has one of the biggest gay communities. So of course, growing up in music and theater all my friends or most of my friends were gay or bi.[6]

That's not something a Glenn Beck supporter would ever be caught dead saying, so I think Bublé was in it for promotional reasons and he's really a liberal.

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