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The Religion and Political Views of Mick Jagger



Mick started off a Protestant in the Church of England, then converted to Catholicism for his first wife, now he's hanging out with Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia.

Political Views

He's been buddies with many of England's politicians and was even knighted by the Queen but has expressed an interest in anarchism.


Mick comes from a long line of teachers. But all he's taught was the world to rock. Like any good English family, he was raised in the Church of England.[1] But when he married his first wife, Bianca De Matcias, it was in a Catholic ceremony and he converted for her sake.[2]

All over the map

However, Jagger was reported to have been meditating and chanting with authentic Buddhist monks in Laos recently. A source for the British newspaper, The Sun, has said:

He spent hours with monks in the temples and chanted with them. He practices Buddhism and meditation every day. He says it's the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning.[3]

Recently, however, Jagger seems to have been convinced by the new wave of atheism. He read Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, and making a general comment about English society and religion, he said:

Like most English people I'm not a great believer. I've read Richard Dawkins' book and it's very persuasive. I'm more in awe of the universe and that's not really a belief in God… Killing for ideas is the most dangerous form of killing at all… dying for an idea, like in religion, is absurd.[4]

So, a Buddhist atheist. Really, they're not all that incompatible.

He doesn't care, he'll give the middle finger to any politician

Jagger doesn't like being used for somebody's political gain. He was recently scheduled to appear on England's behalf at the World Economic Forum but ducked out because he doesn't like being used. Jagger said:

[I feel like I am] being used as a political football…[and I have] always eschewed party politics.[5]

Taking it even a step further, it seems like Jagger doesn't really agree with the whole idea of government, saying once in an interview:

Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope.[6]

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