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Religious Beliefs


31 Dec 2011


In an interview on Treasure Train

Nobody today knows it all. You learn something new every day. But there’s nothing wrong with having faith. And you should take your children to church. Teach them about Jesus Christ and God. God, who makes sunshine, the moon glow, and gives us so many blessings. And, if you go with God and Jesus Christ is your personal savior, and leave the troubles and everything to God, everything will work out for you.

Religious Beliefs


15 Jun 1995


In an interview with Kira Albin, the interviewer describes a story Rooney told him about how he came into his faith: At a Lake Tahoe casino coffee shop over breakfast, Rooney was greeted by a busboy with "blond curls, a white-rose complexion, and shining teeth." When the man called his name, Rooney started to stand, thinking he had a telephone call. But the busboy leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Rooney, Jesus Christ loves you very much." Then he left. Minutes later, Rooney looked for the busboy, but nobody knew of one who met Rooney's description and he was nowhere to be found.

Religious Beliefs

Believes in God

7 Jul 1993


In an interview with The New York Times

I believe God gave me my career. I was sent here to do my Father’s work.
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