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The Religion and Political Views of Miranda Lambert



Miranda Lambert is a Christian, but isn't afraid to knock Christians when she thinks they're wrong.

Political Views

She's probably a Republican, and strongly pro-gun.


Miranda Lambert was born in Longview, Texas, and was raised in Lindale, Texas.

Lambert often wears a crucifix around her neck,[1] re-tweets Christiany things from televangelists,[2] and sings about God. So I think we can assume she's a Christian.

But don't underestimate the girl: she'll give it to the Christians if she feels like they deserve it. In a direct slam to Catholics, she once tweeted:

If your religion does not allow birth control and u have more than 4 kids….get a new religion![3]

Her lyrics can be critical of Christians as well, like her song, "Heart Like Mine." She is annoyed that the faithful tell her she should live her life differently, but she thinks she'd be all right with God:

'Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine/ I bet we'd get along just fine/ He could calm a storm and heal the blind/ And I bet He'd understand a heart like mine.[4]

She's not always critical of her religion, though. In the song, "Mama, I'm Alright," she asks Jesus to take care of her mother who's worried about her.[5]

Gun totin' Texas girl

Lambert is probably a Republican, but she's not going to give up a lot of information about it. When asked if she was political, she said,

I have my views and obviously my music has connotations that lean toward what I believe, but I've learned through other artists' mistakes that I'm never going to use my career as a platform for politics, especially at shows.[6]

If you want to hear her view on guns, just listen to her song "Gunpowder and Lead." Let's just say she feels very comfortable around firearms. She grew up around guns, has a conceal carry permit,[7] and is a "lifetime member of the NRA (National Rifle Association)."[8] She even got into some beef with a Canadian reporter who challenged her on her gun stance. She responded via Twitter:

Dear mr writer at the Ottawa Citizen: next time u interview me, let's keep it about the music and not about your view on my stance on guns … I don't talk politics period. I'm Not sure all Canadians would like to Be put in your category. Speak for yourself not your country. Thx![9]

Guns aren't her only thing, though. She made her stance against domestic abuse clear when she stated that she didn't think Chris Brown should be allowed to attend the Grammy's because he assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.[10]

She's also really into dogs, particularly rescue dogs. Her foundation MuttNation raises money for animal shelters, pet rehabilitation, and other pet advocacy causes.[11]

So it seems like Miranda Lambert isn't afraid to speak her mind, as long as it's not endorsing candidates or talking specifically about political issues. But she's still got a big heart… and some big guns.

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