Nick Cannon

The Religion and Political Views of Nick Cannon



Nick Cannon is a devout Christian, possibly of the born-again variety.

Political Views

He is a tried and true Democrat.


Nick Cannon was born and raised in San Diego, California.

Cannon is definitely a Christian, and if we are to believe third-party sources, of the born-again variety.[1] It seems pretty likely, though. He talked in one interview about a "Christian relationship" he had in which he was celibate and went to "ministry-couple classes." I suppose that should be qualified with the fact that he was talking about his early chastity in the context of cheating on a subsequent girlfriend.[2] But hey, nobody's perfect.

According to his Twitter feed, he hasn't strayed too far from his religion. He tweeted to the world that he used to go to church every day of the week when he was a kid,[3] and let everyone know he still goes with this tweet:

Went to church. Now time to hoop. Good Sunday![4]

But he also betrayed a distrust of organized religion with these two tweets:

Throughout History most Wars were fought over religion. Why does serving God have to be a contest?[5]


Sad thing is religion and rules turn more people away from God than towards him. GOD is LOVE.[6]

So, I guess he's got a healthy skepticism towards man's interpretation of religion, despite clearly being a part of it.

The Democratic Canon of Cannon

Nick Cannon is a Democrat, and definitely a lot more involved in the party than your run-of-the-mill Hollywood liberal. Let's start with Obama. Cannon was a big supporter in 2008. He hosted a fundraiser for Obama in Los Angeles where he said it was "an honor to be on the same stage" as the future president.[7]

And in 2012, he said he thought Obama was "absolutely" taking the country in the right direction.[8] Then he not only attended the president's second inauguration,[9] but hosted the Kids Inaugural concert before the main event.[10]

But the real kicker is: Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey told the Obamas they were having twins before they told anyone else.[11] Now Obama will forever be part of family lore.

He also came out in support of gay marriage saying,

You want to get married? I don't care. You can marry a cat, I don't give a damn. Marry whoever you want to marry. That's what America is all about, is to be able to express your free rights.[12]

And then to top it all off, he's at least somewhat dedicated to being eco-friendly, making sure that the nursery for his twin babies was all organic and energy efficient.[13] Looks like he's towing the Democratic party line.

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