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Freedom of Speech Advocate


20 Jul 2013

In an interview with The Guardian

I believe in freedom of speech. I don’t believe in putting a gag on creative expression. Don’t go to the movie if you don’t want to see violence. That’s your choice. I hate slasher films, for example. I don’t watch slasher films, I think they’re disgusting . But I think it’s important to live in a world where there’s that freedom to create whatever it is you want to create. [...] That is a political question. It’s something I would love to be able to answer. But I’ve been very neutral. By design. I know some people look down on my quietude, but I feel it would impact my ability to be an artist. If I wanted to make a movie about it one day, I don’t want you to know what side I’m on when you go to that movie. It’s like, I know this is random, but the whole reason Claudius survived and went on to be emperor is because he was smart enough to keep quiet and to build his path. Which is what I’m doing.

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