Paul Wesley

The Religion and Political Views of Paul Wesley



He was raised Catholic, but sounds like a Buddhist now.

Political Views

He doesn't associate with a political party, but he's liberal.


Paul Wesley was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and was raised in Marlboro Township, New Jersey.

He went to a Catholic school growing up, but says he got kicked out because he "didn't jive well with them." But it's doubtful that was because of the Catholic aspect, because he says he didn't "jive" with the public school he went to after that either.[1]

Wesley doesn't sound much like a Catholic these days, though. He sounds like a Buddhist. He encouraged his fans on Twitter to meditate when he wrote:

my humble opinion/piece of advice for the day: explore transcendental meditation as a means of stress relief/ problem solving.[2]

And when asked if he could be anyone else for a day, he responded that he'd like to be the Dalai Lama, or at least a Buddhist monk. He said,

Maybe the Dalai Lama, in order to see how it is to have no worries. Be completely focused and never have any ills or torment the defects, which, after all we have.[3]

Left and Right, Right and Wrong

Wesley appears to view politics as a moral issue of right and wrong. He tweeted,

Politics. . . We all know what's right and wrong. It's basic human instinct. But we let religion and political parties cloud our judgement.[4]

And even though I couldn't find anything about his views on specific hot topics in politics, it seems like he thinks the liberal contingent is on the right side of things. The website Hot Liberals has claimed him for their own.[5]The Huffington Post is apparently his favorite website,[6] which some conservatives claim is liberally biased.[7] And he made fun of a couple of the candidates in the 2012 Republican presidential nomination race when he tweeted:

Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich?? Well in THAT case. . .[8]

Maybe he doesn't want to outright support any political party because he doesn't want his vision to be clouded, but I feel pretty confident that he's not going to be voting for any Republicans any time soon.

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