Paula Abdul was born in San Fernando, California.

Both of her parents are Jewish. Her father is a middle-eastern Jew who emigrated to Brazil and then the United States and her mother, a Canadian woman whose Jewish ancestry is from Eastern Europe. Abdul explained it herself, saying:

My father is a Syrian Jew whose family immigrated to Brazil. My mother is Canadian with Jewish roots. My dream is to come to Israel for a real holiday.1

She got her wish and was invited to a vacation in Israel by Israeli Tourist Minister Isaac Herzog over the Hanukah Holiday Season in 2006.2

Abdul was described by her own rabbi, Chaim Mentz, as a “good Jewish girl” and it is reported that she practices by regularly attending services and lighting Sabbath candles.3 She has also spoken about bonding with some of the Jewish American Idol contestants over religion.4

Politics cuts into my drinking time!

Abdul is not well-known for her discourse on politics or society. She claims that she’s not stupid, though, saying:

I’m intelligent…I have a brain.5

She doesn’t show it much.

Abdul is heavily involved in various charities–signaling a desire to create a better world and society–but most of them, if not all, involve non-political topics.6

She did signal extreme satisfaction when Barack Obama was elected as president in 2008, saying:

I was crying [when I heard Obama had won]! You feel such a sense of pride that you can’t even articulate how good you feel. It’s unbelievable! I have chills. I was just so excited. I was texting everyone: ‘Peace has begun.’ And then I was texting everyone, ‘I don’t have to move to Vancouver now!’7

I guess we can call her a Democrat, but, unfortunately, that’s the only evidence.

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