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Pippa is a non-practicing Anglican.

Pippa is largely non-political, though she does participate in a few charities and hangs out with Europe's elite.


Pippa Middleton, real name Philippa, was born in Reading, Berkshire, England and grew up around Berkshire.

Not nearly as much is known about Pippa as is known about her princess sister, Kate Middleton. But we do know that Kate was baptized into the Anglican Church as a baby,[1] so it's safe to assume that Pippa probably was as well.

All in all, the Middletons don't seem like the most religious family. The parents–and thus the children–were not regular church-goers and Kate didn't participate, as many British teenagers do, in a ceremony affirming her Anglican faith.[2]

If we were to designate a sort of religious worldview to Pippa ourselves, it could easily be some sort of hedonism. Her party-girl exploits are well-known.[3] And she even wrote and released a book about how to plan a party–although sales were dismal.[4]

So, we'll just go ahead and mark her down for the non-religious Anglican category, where she joins the majority of her fellow Brits.

Almost royal politics

Good news! Pippa is not a royal, though she has been occasionally dubbed "Her Royal Hotness,"[5] so she is allowed a political position in British life. She can vote or run for office or take a stand on an issue or opine in newspapers–whatever!

She just doesn't.

She does seem to regularly get herself wrapped up in some situation involving guns. For a brief moment, it looked like she might be spending a couple of years in a French prison when the driver of a car she was in waved a gun at Parisian paparazzi.[6] And she has been known to go hunting with billionaires.[7]

The whole billionaire situation might, in a sense, define her political views–basically just elitist hobnobbing with Europe's upper-crust.

She does do her bit for charity, skiing for primary school kids' breakfasts[8] or working with Olympians children's foundations.[9] But that's about all we can squeeze from this turnip, she's a fun-loving party girl reveling in her fame. Perhaps there will be a more serious Pippa in the future.

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