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Regé-Jean Page

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9 Mar 2022

In a promotional video of ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale’

The main thing I hope audiences take away and learn is how interconnected everything is. How the actions of one animal affects the other animals, how that affects the environment, how the environment then feeds back into those animals, how what we do affects the changing environment. There’s the whole section with the elephants and how they have a generational memory that they pass on, of the routes that they go to find water, of the routes that they take to avoid fires, of techniques that they take to avoid fires, and how they pass that down. And how all of that changes, depending on how we change their environment. And so, 80-year-old knowledge that’s five generations old in elephants that suddenly comes under threat because those pathways to waters don’t exist anymore because of what we’ve done. And it’s how nothing lives in isolation anymore. Everything that we do outside of the delta affects things in the delta. Everything that happens in the delta affects everything else in the delta. So, it’s just that everything’s connected and there’s nowhere to hide from that, really.
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