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15 Nov 2018


In an interview at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I don’t care about being dead, because I won’t know about it, that is the best thing about being dead you don’t know about it, it’s like being stupid it’s only painful for others… maybe we don’t know, I know, you don’t know. [...] I have no problem with praying, I have never had a problem with spirituality. [...] I loved Jesus, I thought he was great, I grew up I was Christian till I was about 8. [...] I like the idea of it, I like the fact he was a kind person, But as Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians they are so unlike your Christ.” There are good and bad Christians, there are good and bad atheists, and I think that God has nothing to do whether you’re good or not.

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