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The Religion and Political Views of Rita Ora



Rita Ora is probably Catholic.

Political Views

Despite growing up in England, she feels deeply patriotic to Kosovo, the country of her birth.


Rita Ora was born in Pristina, Yugoslavia (now Kosovo). She was raised in London, England.

There's a rumor going around that Ora is Muslim[1] because she was born in a country with a large Muslim population.[2] But it's just not true. She's some kind of Christian, and most likely Catholic.

She went to a Catholic school growing up,[3] and it appears that she takes praying seriously. In one video, there's a little snippet of her with a group of people in a circle while one of them is saying a prayer. It's hard to hear what exactly the guy is saying, something about "Father God. . ." Ora hears someone whispering in the group and calls him out:

Hold on, sorry. I'm taking this serious. . . . This is a serious moment. I heard you whispering and I'm getting in my zone.[4]

It's not much to go on, but it rules out Muslim, makes her sound Catholic, and indicates that she's at least moderately religious.

Kosovar Patriot

Ora feels deeply patriotic to Kosovo, her parents' home before they were forced out by the Kosovo War, and the place where she was born.

It was hard growing up when I was younger because I moved from Kosovo and I wish I was around my people. I think us as a nation, Kosovo as a nation, we're proud of where we're from because it's such a small place so anyone that succeeds from there, it's just a big deal. So I'm doing it for my family and for my country as much as I'm doing it for anyone else.[5]

And people in Kosovo seem to love her just as much as she loves them. She was invited by the president of the nation to perform at a celebration of Albanian independence.[6]

Despite her status as an immigrant, Ora doesn't seem to have anything to say about British immigration policy–or anything having to do with British politics for that matter.

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