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The Religion and Political Views of Rob Kardashian



Kardashian has Armenian Orthodox roots, but is likely a non-denominational Christian. He appears to be devoutly religious.

Political Views

Kardashian appears to be a Democrat, though his political involvement/comments are rather sparse.


Rob Kardashian was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Kardashian is a Christian of the non-denominational variety, and seems to be relatively devout. He is known to tweet Bible verses from time to time as well as simple phrases like:

Loving God.[1]

Religion is an interesting and diverse phenomenon in the Kardashian household. Rob's late father and his namesake, Robert Kardashian, Sr., was of Armenien descent and thus a member of the Armenian Orthodox Church.[2] Apparently, Rob and his many sisters were raised reading Bible stories almost every night.[3]

Now, however, the Kardashian matron, Kris Jenner, has helped to start and now funds a non-denominational Christian church in Los Angeles called the Life Change Community Church.[4] And we know his most famous sister, Kim, also pays a hefty bill to keep the church in operation,[5] indicating that it's a family affair.

It's unclear how wrapped-up Rob is in all of this. But he certainly bears the mark of a good Christian boy. Commenting on his sister Kim's surprise pregnancy, he raised the issue of out-of-wedlock babies, saying:

I'm so proud of my sisters, but I'll be married before I have a baby.[6]

Family Politics

Kardashian has only publicly commented one time about politics or politicians. It was in response to President Obama saying he wouldn't let his daughters watch the Kardashian's reality TV show. Rob responded during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

But you really learn a lot from our show. There are no negative things on our show. There is always a positive message at the end of the day. But, Go Obama![7]

This came at the end of 2011, as election season was just starting to heat up, so it's seems reasonable to assume that he was voicing his support of Obama's re-election ambitions.

There is corroborration that Rob would lean Democrat. His sister, Kim, once said in an interview:

My household is really split up. The parents are Republicans and the children are Democrats. So, it's like a political warfare in our household when we talk about politics.[8]

But that's about the extent of Kardashian's spiritual/political depth. Perhaps if he remains relevant in the entertainment industry for a few more minutes, we'll get more out of him.

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