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The Religion and Political Views of Rob Zombie



Zombie appears to be non-religious, or reluctant to discuss it.

Political Views

Zombie is probably liberal, but again, he doesn't want to get into it.


Rob Zombie, born Robert Cummings, was born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Zombie is the son of former carnival workers, and they remained in that line of work long enough for Zombie to have traveled around with them and to remember some of his experiences.[1] I only bring this up because the life of a carny–as far as I know–is not a religious one.

And Zombie doesn't seem at all religious. However, he's said it's not something he's willing to discuss with the press, or anyone for that matter:

If there is one thing I've learned over the years is that it is best to not discuss Religion or Politics. It always ends in broken noses… I think because it upsets people to question their faith in things be it Jesus or George Bush. It's easier to just get angry.[2]

But we can't ignore that he's got some sort of fascination with the macabre. His entire persona is built around gore and the undead and the occult and witches and gruesome death. This might have something to do with where he was raised–quite near the site of the Salem witch trails and burnings. He said:

I grew up in Massachusetts, so the Salem witch trials were always something that I was around. The average kindergartner probably doesn't know about it, except that in Massachusetts, you do, because they'll take you on field trips to see reenactments and stuff.[3]

But does he buy into all of that alt-spirituality stuff? It seems doubtful. He is, after all, a businessman and an entertainer. We'll just have to go with non-religious until further notice. Of course, if any of you Rob Zombie fans care to turn us on to some good info on the topic, please do.

Rather not get into it

Have another look at the above quote about Zombie's feelings regarding discussing religion–it goes for politics too. Again, he's not going to get into it. However, he is an advocate of the American democratic process. He once posted this message to his MySpace fans:

I'm not telling you how to vote. That is up to you. I just thought it would be interesting to hear how you all feel about things. But be smart if you comment. Don't just start calling each other names. It's America, so if you really believe in it, then everybody should be heard.[4]

There were rumors that Zombie changed the cover photos for all of his MySpace pages to one of Obama's campaign posters in 2008,[5] but I couldn't confirm it.

However, he does side with liberals when it comes to one issue–animals. Zombie considers himself an "ethical vegetarian,"[6] and has joined forces with PETA to protest the widespread use of Thanksgiving turkeys.[7]

One question, though: Does he make an exception for human brains?

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