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12 Aug 2020

In a tweet

You know what I’d love lads / lasses ? To go to shop, and for everything not to be wrapped in bastard single use plastic. It’s demoralising. And it’s killing us lads. It’s destroying our oceans #goplasticfree #plasticpollution #plasticfree

Black Lives Matter Supporter

4 Jun 2020

On his Instagram

Peace, love and dignity - to all ❤️ #blm
Corporations and Government

Against Bailouts

3 May 2020

In a tweet

right now, countries across the world are planning to bailout climate destroying industries & banks that fund them.Big Business and Climate Destroyers instead of People& Planet. This breaks the #ParisAgreement
Climate Change

Climate Change Believer

Criticizes Trump

26 Jan 2017

In a tweet

Well then Donald, it’s probably high time you acknowledged #climatechange as a legitimate threat to the lives of American people.
Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

8 Oct 2016

In a tweet

Donald Trump discusses 'grabbing (women) by the p----' What a fu*%ing creep #DonaldDrumpf

LGBTQ+ Supporter

7 May 2015

In a video on Twitter, regarding a referendum on the legalization of same sex marriage

Hello guys, Robert Sheehan here saying vote YES for gay equality […] If you vote No, you’re saying that gay people shouldn’t have the same rights as straight people and you’re basically homophobic, so vote yes

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