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Religious Beliefs


14 Apr 2022

In an interview on CBN's Faithwire

[Prayer is] a very powerful tool that’s available to each and every one of us. I haven’t made any decision big or small that I haven’t prayed about first.

Religious Beliefs


22 Jan 2016

In an interview with CBN

I have loved Jesus my whole life. I was so grateful when I was a little girl for my faith because my mother died when I was just 10. I keep close to me that old Footprints prayer. I had it in my pocket always when we were filming in Morocco as a reminder of those moments of struggle or those moments when challenge comes and you fear perhaps you're walking alone. It's a reminder that especially at those times that He's carrying you. He's carried me through a lot, and I'm indebted to Him for the transformation that He brought into my life. And it's been just such a privilege to be able to bring a story to the screen, knowing that in some way the film will impact the lives of millions of people that they too will get to know His story and have an opportunity to fall in love with Him.
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