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Death Penalty

Against Death Penalty

6 May 2021

In a tweet

Abolish the death penalty.

Political Affiliations

Supports Biden

20 Apr 2021

In a tweet

I love our President Biden and MVP Kamala Harris

Separation of Church and State

Pro Separation of Church and State

23 Mar 2021

In a tweet

Separation of church and state.


Black Lives Matter Supporter

30 Jan 2021

In a tweet

Black Lives Matter nominated for the Nobel peace prize Is such Inspiring news and so well deserved .a movement for justice .

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

21 Dec 2020

In a tweet

Donald Trump you evil horrible man ,our front line doctors in emergency rooms across America are getting sick because of your barbaric cruel negligence .people are dying daily .the world knows what an inept monster you are and all your corrupt fascist cohorts. you lost thank God.


Encourages Voting

1 Nov 2020

In a tweet

We the people have the right to vote and all are votes matter.

Death Penalty

Possibly Against Death Penalty

6 Jul 2020

In a tweet

I don’t Believe in the death penalty but when it comes to pedophiles who destroy children’s lives I may have to rethink on that one



16 May 2019

In a tweet

I’ve had a couple of abortions in my life. It was my decision and Each time it was very sad ,hard and painful .But It was my choice and I was lucky to have good care. no one has the right to take away a women’s right to choose what’s best for her. Women will vote you out .
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